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EIA-23 Reporting in Aucerna Reserves

EIA-23 Reporting in Aucerna Reserves

Presented by Kevin Rooney, Senior Solution Architect, Aucerna

By attending this webinar, you will learn what is required to get the pertinent data out of your reserves management system and into the RIGS application to complete your EIA-23 filling. Kevin will touch on the requirements that are needed to be in place and the processes involved in generating the EIA-23 report out of Aucerna Reserves. As it is not as simple as just clicking a button. By using the Aucerna Reserves EIA-23 reporting workflow and keeping up on your data requirements, you will see how you can reduce your time generating the final EAI-23 report for your company.

What will you learn?

  • Why EIA-23 Reporting is not just a report.
  • The process required to report EIA-23 out of Aucerna Reserves.
  • The steps required to generate the report.
About the presenter
Kevin Rooney

Kevin Rooney

Senior Solution Architect, Aucerna

Available recordings

Each recording contains the same content aside from the Q&A session specific to each region.
North America & Europe
Tuesday, June 30, 2020. 9:00 AM CDT (Houston)

About this webinar

This is a Recording from
  • June 30th (North America & Europe)
Presented by
Kevin Rooney, Senior Solution Architect, Aucerna

45 Minutes


Your company has just finished closing the year-end reserves and now it is time to start working on everyone’s favorite EIA-23 report! With all the data in your reserve management solution, this should be an easy process. Learn how to generate the output to be read into the RIGS program using the data captured in Aucerna Reserves.

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