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Integrated Planning, Economics, & Reserves – Delivered

Aucerna is now Quorum Software. The industry leader in upstream business planning, petroleum economics, and reserves management has merged with Quorum Software to offer powerful integrated workflows across the global energy ecosystem.
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Corporate Planning

Cloud planning platform that empowers teams to paint a complete picture of the future, across your entire enterprise.

Asset Planning

Asset planning technology connecting every person and every workflow with evergreen data for optimized workflows.

Quorum is the industry’s most trusted energy software provider

Quorum is dedicated to helping the energy industry advance. Our people and our technology are 100% focused on helping operators evolve the way they plan and deliver value for shareholders.

17 Ways to Engineer your Way Out of a Downturn
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Customer Success Stories


Customer Success Stories

“The largest single impact would be not having to redundantly enter data. Having all the systems automatically talk to each other saves us a ton of time, error checking and issues. A plan that is more accurate that what we could have built in excel”

Russell Greco
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