Execution Solutions

Aucerna Execution Solutions deliver completely integrated budgeting and forecasting, AFE Management and operational readiness in a single tool. They connect project teams from across multiple functions for efficient execution on capital projects.

Aucerna provides customers with the most comprehensive, fully integrated tool-kit for operational execution available today, creating a single source of truth for all of your data so you can easily make proactive decisions based on the latest and most accurate information.

All-in-one Budgeting and Forecasting, AFE Management, Operational Readiness and Scheduling

Execution Solutions
Integrated Workflows

Budgeting & Forecasting

Build and maintain capital budgets, instantly re-forecast projects, steward your projects towards the budget, and perform easy project lookbacks

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AFE Management

Streamline the AFE approval process and facilitate easy, accurate, and continuous cost tracking. 

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Readiness Workflows

Systematically assemble and manage all the information, approvals and documentation necessary to submit a drilling license application. After licensing, roll RTx information into the AFE workflow to carry you from pre-drill stages, to drilling and completions, and operations

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Operational Scheduling

Equip operators with comprehensive scheduling to visualize current activity, track well status, easily make updates and stay certain of production schedules and estimate.

Automatically build rig and drilling schedules in one central schedule, monitor progress of permits, regulatory steps, well licenses and site restrictions, and quickly see the effect of daily schedule changes on production dates and volumes

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"The response to AFE Navigator at SemCAMS has been very positive. Since implementing it last year, we’ve seen fewer errors caused by manual use and are very happy with its ease of use. The peace of mind I get from being able to trace where an AFE is at is immeasurable."

Jane Baker ( Joint Interest Analyst, SemCAMS ULC )

"The move to AFE Navigator led to a redesigned and much improved AFE process at SM Energy."

Manager of Technical Systems ( SM Energy )

"After examining our AFE situation and the pain it was causing, I knew it was time for an upgrade. With my prior experience with AFE Navigator, I knew it was the best option available, and once implemented, the improvement was dramatic. Our process is now much more transparent, we’re able to plan better, and things are getting approved faster than before."

Mitch Huitema ( VP Finance, Novus Energy Inc. )

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