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Val Nav™ is a fully integrated decline curve analysis, petroleum economics and reserves management software. It is a scalable and complete reserves estimation and evaluation system with a unique auto-forecasting algorithm and a powerful economics engine.

Val Nav replaces a number of outdated point products to drive efficiency and productivity across your entire reserves life-cycle.

Efficiently evaluate assets with speed and reliability, manage your reserves better, pinpoint opportunities and make profitable decisions like never before, with Val Nav by Aucerna.

Decline Curve Analysis

 Val Nav Fast, Accurate Auto-forecastingPerform decline curve analysis, type curve analysis, analog forecasting, cross-plots and statistical evaluation, gas material balance and volumetric analysis with one tool.

Val Nav’s robust type curve analysis is based on the research of one of the world’s foremost experts, allowing you to do your engineering in a single program – no need to export to spreadsheets.

Fast, Accurate Auto-Forecasting

Val Nav features fast and versatile forecasting, allowing for more in-depth analysis of large data sets and trends in the data.

It makes engineering even easier with other workflow-related forecasting tools such as segment editing, hotkeys, decline graphing tools and secondary products.

Economic Evaluation

Economic Analysis

Quickly define your scenarios without having to rebuild your cases and run economic comparisons with ease, reducing turnaround time by as much as 90%.

Simultaneously compare multiple scenarios and access break-even potentials.

Run advanced economics models, including production sharing contracts, ring fences, common economic terminations and more.

Val Nav is a fully global product that works in multiple currencies. It has fiscal regimes and incentives for Canada and the United States, an available library of more than 75 international regimes and a built-in fiscal regime modeler.



Reporting is flexible and customizable to collate the results for various audiences and corporate requirements. Easily generate hundreds of reports, including economic, technical, risk, reserves and more.

Val Nav ensures transparency across departments by making it easy to send reliable and customizable reserves reports to different hierarchy levels.

Reserves Management

Reserves Management

Val Nav helps you work effectively with your reserves data throughout the year and simplifies reserves season. It provides secure and consistent reserves management tools to efficiently facilitate corporate and regulatory compliance.

Easily track, review and approve reserves changes by well and generate variance reports at any level of detail.

Structured inputs and easily-followed, rigorous workflows ensure you are working within reserves categorizations from the beginning and adhering to controlled processes.

Innovative Technical Forecasting
Backed By Expert Research

Dr. John Lee phd aucerna val nav expert oil gas
Dr. John Lee, Ph. D.
Randy Freeborn aucerna val nav expert oil gas
Randy Freeborn
Rod Sidle aucerna expert oil gas val nav
Rod Sidle

Designed by renowned and awarded professional engineers, for engineers, Val Nav™ allows you to perform decline analysis, type curve analysis, Analog Forecasting, cross-plots, gas material balance and volumetric analysis, all within one tool, avoiding known errors, and incorporating 1000’s of wells– and with no need to export to spreadsheets. Val Nav™ customers always have access to the latest published research from research fellows and SPE Distinguished Lecturers.

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“Value Navigator provides a platform that is a leap frog ahead in terms of software technology. It allows us to align practices and workflows internally, and to better coordinate planning processes and stakeholder engagement as we grow further into Unconventional Resource development.”

Reservoir Engineering Manager ( Paramount Resources )