Progress Energy makes the most competitive decisions with Enersight

Progress Energy makes the most competitive decisions with Enersight

Progress Energy builds short- and long-term forecasts, and understand the implications of the market conditions and other interdependencies on these forecasts

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Progress Energy has a massive land base that spans 515km from Central Alberta to North East BC.

This expansive land position crosses many different producing fields with unique characteristics from production type curves to liquid yields and compositions. This complexity and the diverse nature of the individual fields has been divided into 15 distinct areas that are split based on the Gas Plants that are fed from the numerous fields. All 15 of these areas use Enersight to handle the area’s individual field development plans and contribute to the entire corporate plan for Progress Energy as a whole.


This document is intended to provide a high-level overview of Progress Energy’s use of Aucerna’s Enersight ™ software which is the foundation assisting the team at Progress Energy in developing the field development plans for such a large and complex operation.

Progress Energy has been using Enersight since 2014. Over that time, it has become a strategic and critical tool for creating and refining the field development plans for each of their 15 areas. Throughout the 4 years Enersight has been in use at Progress Energy, the team has realized that the ability to run numerous scenarios within each area or across the entire company is necessary to ensure the ongoing success of the business. According to one of the users interviewed at Progress Energy: “There is no other software that can handle the level of detail and model complexities. Excel was used for some of this modeling, before Enersight, but the models became too large and unmanageable.” This statement highlights the strength of Enersight being that while Excel may be able to solve many problems, because it is not specifically architected for Oil & Gas, it requires countless hours of experienced staff time to custom build and update complex functions taking time away from the value-added analysis they could be performing on picking better locations or optimization of the field. Using Enersight, Progress Energy, as well as many other operators around the world, have realized this benefit and have selected Enersight or Enersight in combination with other Aucerna’s integrated planning tools to help them address their individual complexities and derive significant value for their business.

As one longtime Enersight customer stated, “Enersight helps us quickly build short and long term forecasts, and understand the implications of the market conditions and other interdependencies on these forecasts.” At Progress Energy, this also holds true as Enersight is currently used to support their:

  • Long Term Planning – Enersight is the system of record for Progress Energy’s long-term field development plans.
  • Scenario Generation & Comparison – Enersight supports the numerous iterations required within each of the 15 areas to arrive at contingency plans and quickly answer management’s questions.
  • Scenarios Examples run at Progress Energy:
  • Price Changes
  • Funding Levels
  • Royalty Changes (anticipation of how government changes might impact the plan)
  • Pipeline & Facility Constraints
  • Delays in Pipeline & Facility Availability
  • Capital Constraints
  • Spring Break-up
  • Downtime
  • Drilling and Completion Schedules
  • Production Declines


Enersight is really good at running lots of scenarios fast!” stated Tyler Reid, an Exploitation Engineer at Progress Energy who alone has run over 110 unique scenarios in Enersight over the last 18 months and all of these scenarios are run for the life of field.

One operational decision that was made due to the distributed nature of the lands that Progress Energy owns was that each of the management area is modeled as independent projects within Enersight because:

  • Management areas are not homogeneous
  • Independence allows for detailed modelling of area specific parameters
  • Reduces model iteration runtime – changes can be made area by area
  • Facility constraints can be controlled by gas plant


Below is an example of one of the 15 management areas which is used as an example of the complexity of the field infrastructure and the intricacies of one model that contributes to the overall portfolio of Progress Energy.




Every management area at Progress Energy is modeled in a similar fashion which allows for consistency across the areas in terms of how the plans are created and maintained while preserving the individuality of every area. This consistency allows more freedom to be able to move people from area to area without having to learn other systems and the consistency in data and reporting allows for easy rollups across all areas to occur.

In summary, Enersight integrates asset development planning, field development modelling, and activity scheduling to allow Progress Energy to evaluate each of their management areas in the appropriate level of detail while still maintaining the necessary flexibility to be able to test new scenarios reliably and within a moments notice. With Enersight, you can change your drilling and completions schedule, run side-by-side “what if” scenarios, and re-optimize your plan to gain directional insights on the options you have for your business. Decisions that previously took weeks can be made in hours.


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