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Val Nav 2021 Release Announcement

Val Nav 2021 Release Announcement

Bring People and Data Closer Together in Your Organization.

Val Nav 2021 modernizes existing workflows and adds enhanced features.

The latest release of Val Nav is recognizably people-driven with feature and functionality updates. Teams will enjoy another layer of modeling flexibility in the proven reserves framework trusted by hundreds of upstream companies throughout the industry. Modernizing the way people work is a cornerstone of Quorum Software’s approach to developing technology and Val Nav 2021 is no stranger here.

New data validation capabilities ensure evaluations in Val Nav are reliable for critical decision-making. These complement the already sophisticated capabilities of bulk data analysis, security and auditability l, advanced economics, and custom reporting to strengthen organizational planning and data reliability.

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Read about some of the highlights below:

Reserves Modeling Updates

Modeling just got easier for reservoir engineers. Building upon Val Nav’s sought-after reserves category modeling capabilities is an improved ability to do layered models: input base, wedge, or total cases– standalone or in combination – for the ultimate in modeling flexibility.

Data Validation

Building trust in the data for Reserves Managers is critical in this update. New tooling to help in complex data validations (e.g., mismatched start dates, missing capital, etc.) gives reserves teams confidence in having reliable evaluations.

New Economic Indicators

New metrics such as netbacks, recycle ratios, capital efficiency, and initial-production rates will aid in project sanctioning and case comparisons, to ensure operators are maximizing the value of their assets.

Forecasting Advancements

Effortless well life cut-off. Reservoir Engineers assign well life factors to different wells to reflect contracts in different regions for better management of active wells.

User Level Permission

Additional controls in administering complex multi-user corporate environments are built into Val Nav 2021. Administrators can secure fields with per-user permission assignments to ensure change controls are easily maintained.

Plus More

Get the latest version of Val Nav from the client portal or speak with your account representative today to begin using Val Nav in your organization. If you have any questions, reach out to us by email at any time.

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