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Val Nav 2019 Now Available


Built for Engineers, by Engineers. Val Nav 2019 offers new and improved tools to help you get better forecasts earlier in the life of your wells, and workflow improvements to all aspects of economics and reserves evaluations. Our new daily data forecasting capabilities let you produce better forecasts earlier in the life of a project, whether that is a new drill or a workover.

The latest version brings 4 major updates giving you even more functionality and faster results while keeping the things you already love about Val Nav.

Daily Data Forecasting

Use our new fitting algorithm on your daily data to get new forecasts sooner, or use familiar graph-interaction tools to forecast using daily data. Take advantage of our improved built-in graphs for daily data, including displaying daily data comments directly on the graph.

Graphing Improvements

Our new graph log cycle control and quick scaling functionality bring a new level of sophistication and flexibility to your forecasting workflows. Use our new producing-time plots to better detect trends and get better forecasts.

Rename Reserves Categories

Rename the built-in reserves categories to better match internal terminology or reporting systems.

Import, Reporting, and Tax Changes

• Import .dri files from DrillingInfo
• Use our new built-in reports and Report Designer functions, and,
• Take advantage of our updated Canadian and US tax calculation updates.

Login to the Client Portal to download the latest version here and get the most out of your well analysis today. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at any time at

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