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UP Conference by Aucerna Highlights Digital Transformation

UP Conference by Aucerna Highlights Digital Transformation

Aucerna hosts oil & gas leaders to discuss the value of digital transformation

More than 200 industry leaders from around the world attended Aucerna’s 4th annual UP: Upstream Planning Conference in Houston in October.


This fall, Aucerna sponsored the 4th annual UP Conference in Houston, TX, a global event that brings oil and gas leaders together to explore new ways to leverage technology to meet modern business goals.

This year’s attendees included over 200 oil and gas professionals, solutions providers, financial firms, and industry consultants.

“Our conference is a unique opportunity for high performers to share ideas, and then take those ideas home to share within their organizations,” said Jeremy Greene, SVP Marketing.

The theme of this year’s UP Conference was “Realizing the Value of Digital Transformation”. Industry experts from eight different companies presented on the subject, representing diverse international viewpoints.

The event also featured an executive panel discussion, with executives debating whether digital transformation is actually making a difference, and an industry technology panel about leading innovation in global exploration & production.

“The speakers we had this year were world class, spurring conversations that have the power to evolve our industry,” ~ said Wayne Sims, Aucerna CEO.

Following the conference, Aucerna hosted three additional workshop and networking sessions for users of its own Enersight, Aucerna Reserves, and Aucerna Portfolio products. Participants were led through best practices and optimal workflows by the company’s product managers.

The 5th annual UP Conference and related events are scheduled for October 14 & 15, 2020 in Houston, TX.

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