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Change is the New Constant

Join us for a Live 30 minute Webinar followed by a 15 minute Q&A Session.

In an increasingly volatile and uncertain environment, oil and gas companies worldwide are facing relentless pressure to improve returns even as they encounter strong challenges like softening markets, mandates for energy alternatives, and regulatory barriers.

Traditional business planning practices may limit oil and gas companies from fully leveraging their opportunities and adapting to these rapidly changing conditions.

This webinar explores the evolution of quantitative portfolio analysis, as applied to oil and gas strategy development, capital allocation, and merger and acquisition activity.  Paul will highlight how the market environment has driven analysis needs over the past several decades and show how portfolio analysis techniques may be used in better positing for an uncertain future.


Webinar Complete

Thursday, April 9th

8:00 AM MDT | 9:00 AM CDT | 3:00 PM BST


Webinar Complete

Tuesday, April 14th

9:00 AM CEST | 11:00 AM GST | 3:00 PM CST

What will you learn?

The past can offer insights into how specific portfolio analysis techniques can add value and insights in challenging business environments.  Covid 19 uncertainty, changing market supply drivers, and societal demands for clean energy place unprecedented pressure on decision-makers to develop viable and resilient strategic business plans.

A discussion of effective applications of portfolio analysis and insights from your participating peers can assist as you support your company’s strategic decision making.


  • Historical Overview
  • Evolving Applications – Examples
  • Case Studies
  • The Future
  • Open Discussion – Thoughts? Feedback?

Live polling on critical questions during the session will provide attendees with insights into what your peers are thinking as we entrench for what could be a prolonged period of low prices.


paul allan strategic consultant

Paul Allan

Vice President Consulting


About the Presenter:

As Vice President Consulting, Paul works with a wide range of international clients in support of strategic planning, capital allocation, risk assessment, and decision making under uncertainty. His consulting work involves assessing company portfolios and advising senior executives and management on strategy, risk mitigation, and the evaluation of major projects and options. This has included acquisition and divestiture analyses, exploration and development risk assessments, the integration of operational and financial forecasts, and planning system development for worldwide clients. His background in reservoir engineering, portfolio / economic modelling, and consulting experience has provided a broad exposure to the energy exploration and production business.

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