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Late Stage Asset Development
and Operational Planning

enersight by Aucerna computer graphs charts

Enersight Gets Updated With Client Needs In Mind

Enersight 2.13 was purposely crafted to improve the experience for both users and consumers of the simulation outputs.

Enersight brings data and users together in ways never possible before. Added transparency and data clarity allows asset planners to truly understand the data they are manipulating and deliver actionable recommendations quickly.

Updates include:

Interface and UI Improvements

Reduce the amount of time spent on data inputs with easier to use and expanded interfaces enabling the ability to QA / QC all input data so you can spend more time on value adding analysis.

Result Saving and Data Export

Improved capability to integrate with your data warehouse removing complexity from data processes. Data Export enhancements removes manual manipulation entirely from your export to Aucerna Portfolio.

Scheduling Improvements

Added scheduling capabilities and enabled interactive workflows to get the most from Aucerna Execute's new operational scheduling model.

Shared Calculation Services (Fiscal Regimes)

With Aucerna’s Val Nav™ fiscal regimes integration users can calculate customized royalties on assets to better inform decisions and bring teams together.

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