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Asset Planning Help Resources: Review Common Challenges Solved

Asset Planning Help Resources: Review Common Challenges Solved

Presented by Mohammed Siddiqui, Client Care Expert, Aucerna

We are passionate about helping our clients and we know our application inside and out. But our goal is to help our end users understand and manage their Enersight models better! To achieve this, we work hard at understanding what our clients are trying to accomplish so we can better support them in their asset development processes. This webinar will go over some most common support questions that have users stumped. We will also look at the thought process behind where and how to resolve them.

Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • Adding Capital Classes
  • Enersight Link Connection
  • Enersight Link Parser Error
  • MMBTU vs MCF Pricing
  • Changing OPEX based on time
  • Linking Production History
  • Ramp Up after Shut-In
  • Bulk Edit RAF & Bulk Edit UWI
  • PDS
About the presenter
Mohammed Siddiqui

Mohammed Siddiqui

Client Care Expert

Available recordings

Each recording contains the same content aside from the Q&A session specific to each region.
North America & Europe
Thursday, September 24th, 2020. 9:30 AM CDT | 8:30 AM MDT | 3:30 PM CET
Asia Pacific
Thursday, September 24th, 2020. 11:00 AM AEST | 9:00 AM SGT

About this webinar

This is a Recording from
  • September 24th (North America & Europe)
  • September 24th (Asia Pacific)
Presented by
Mohammed Siddiqui, Client Care Expert

45 Minutes


Want to find out how our stellar Client Care Team answers frequently asked Enersight support questions? Watch this webinar to see the top common support questions that are faced by most clients and how to overcome them.

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