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Creating an Integrated Planning Organization in Today’s Environment

Creating an Integrated Planning Organization in Today’s Environment

Presented by Colleen D’Hondt, Industry Consultant, Aucerna

How to Ensure Sustainability with Evergreen Data in your Planning Process

Planning is a challenge at the best of times and with today’s volatile market and virtual working environment, this can pose unique challenges. In this webinar, Colleen D’Hondt, Industry Consultant at Aucerna, will discuss the planning process and the main pain points of a process that can arise when companies find themselves running multiple scenarios in a volatile commodities market. From Colleen’s 20 years of planning experience in large North American oil and gas companies, she will show you tips that she learned firsthand and how she overcame challenges related to data accuracy, version control and quick turnarounds. These issues can be exacerbated when working remotely but by implementing some best practices and planning ahead, you can avoid these issues before they arise!

Having a connected planning organization that allows for evergreened information is invaluable in today’s world. When you leave this webinar you will have learned to work with a solid process and you will see how best practices can help you to make better and more efficient business decisions on data you can trust.

What will you learn?

  • The pitfalls of the planning process
  • Best practices and rules of engagement
  • Benefits of a fully integrated planning organization
  • The value of transparency and having access to your data
  • The challenges of planning in a virtual environment
About the presenter
Colleen D’Hondt

Colleen D’Hondt

Industry Consultant, Aucerna

Available recordings

Each recording contains the same content aside from the Q&A session specific to each region.
North America & Europe
24/03/2021 at 8:30 AM MDT (Calgary) | 9:30 AM CDT (Houston) | 4:30 PM CET (Central Europe)

About this webinar

Presented by
Colleen D’Hondt, Industry Consultant, Aucerna

30 minutes


Learn how to create an integrated, sustainable planning process in today’s volatile market. Planning has always been a challenge but when you factor in a virtual working environment, things can get tricky. Join us to hear Colleen D’Hondt, Industry Consultant at Aucerna discuss how to navigate the pitfalls of the planning process. She will cover best practices and show you how you can save time, increase the accuracy and quality of your data and help with version control.

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