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Corporate Planning, Economics, & Financials: An Integrated Approach

Corporate Planning, Economics, & Financials: An Integrated Approach

Presented by Rose Psalmond, Solution Architect, Aucerna

Are you open to improving your corporate planning workflows, including data management, economic analysis, and financial reporting? In this webinar, Rose Psalmond will walk through an example corporate workflow. This presentation will include best practice recommendations for: data submission, validation, and approval; detailed economic analysis including sensitivities and break-even price analysis; financial calculations and reporting; and data-based decision-making.

Learn how Aucerna PlanningSpace can help facilitate a more efficient planning process with a single source of truth for corporate data, collaboration tools, and more robust economic and financial calculations. Ultimately, an improved planning process can lead to more sound decisions and greater value for E&P companies.

What will you learn?

  • Increase Corporate Planning Efficiency
  • Ensure Data Consistency
  • Improve Data Quality Control
  • Economic Modeling & Evaluation Tools
  • Financial Analysis Tools
  • Methods for Reporting & Data Analysis
  • Impact of Data Quality on Decisions
About the presenter
Rose Psalmond

Rose Psalmond

Solution Architect, Aucerna

Available recordings

Each recording contains the same content aside from the Q&A session specific to each region.
North America & Europe
Tuesday, February 23, 2021. 8:30 AM MDT | 9:30 AM CDT | 4:30 PM CET
Wednesday, February 24, 2021. 11:00 AM AEST | 9:00 AM SGT

About this webinar

This is a Recording from
  • February 23rd (North America & Europe)
  • February 24th (Asia-Pacific)
Presented by
Rose Psalmond, Solution Architect, Aucerna

60 Minutes


Understand an integrated approach to corporate planning, economics, and financials, to facilitate better data quality, increased efficiency, and collaboration. This interactive, high-level webinar will demonstrate an example workflow, using Aucerna PlanningSpace to illustrate how a world-class planning process can improve corporate decision-making.

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