Produce better forecasts earlier in the life of a project.

As an independent operator, you’re facing significant challenges and that goes double if you’re a brand new business. You need to efficiently evaluate assets with speed and reliability, manage your reserves better, pinpoint opportunities and make profitable decisions like never before. 

Decline Curve Analysis, Petroleum Economics and Reserves Management

Val Nav 2019 offers new and improved tools to help you get better forecasts earlier in the life of your wells and workflow improvements to all aspects of economics and reserves evaluations.

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Val Nav™ replaces a number of outdated point products to drive efficiency and productivity across your entire reserves life-cycle.

Reliable Reserves Evaluations in 10-Minutes?

Being able to perform rapid and precise evaluations can equip an oil and gas company to execute deals worth millions, or billions, of dollars to the bottom line.

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Easy to use, easy to buy. Only $500 per month for 12 months (annual license) for Concurrent License with multiple users. Easy monthly payment options are available.

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Basic and Advanced Training on the Industry's Leading Software for Integrated Forecasting, Economics, and Reserves.

Training options include webinars, videos and interactive learning.

"I knew Val Nav was the best option available and the improvement was dramatic. Our process is more transparent and things are getting approved faster than before."

Mirch Huitema, VP Finance, Novus Energy Inc.

Import, Reporting, and Tax Changes

  • Import .dri files from Enverus (DrillingInfo) as well as spreadsheets
  • Use our new built-in reports and Report Designer functions
  • Take advantage of our updated Canadian and US tax calculation updates.

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Aucerna is the energy industry’s leading provider of solutions for integrated planning, execution and reserves. Our solutions are deployed in every region of the globe, serving more than 500 customers from 17 international offices. We help companies make better investment decisions by connecting the people and the data of the modern energy industry.

"Value Navigator provides a platform that is a leap frog ahead in terms of software technology. It allows us to align practices and workflows internally, and to better coordinate planning processes and stakeholder engagement as we grow further into Unconventional Resource development."

~ Reservoir Engineering Manager

"The move to Val Nav led to a redesigned and much-improved AFE process at SM Energy."

~ Manager of Technical Systems