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Strategic Consulting

The Aucerna Strategic Consulting Group is a world-class consultancy with the mission of supporting upstream decision makers through a broad spectrum of strategic and operational initiatives.

Oil & Gas Strategic Consulting

Whether you need to conduct a strategic planning exercise in order to tackle a difficult problem, or you want to strengthen your internal planning capabilities, we can help.


Corporate Portfolio Modeling & Analysis

Leverage our experience to build your models in half the time and gain the maximum insight into your business challenges:

With our services, you will be able to focus your analysis on issues important to executives. You will learn on how to gather appropriate data, avoiding the trap of “perfect” data, and how to build an efficient model for rapid analysis.

Help is always available to streamline model structures, improve analysis times, or handle new and unusually difficult strategic planning questions.


Planning ProcessBest Practices

Whether you need minor modifications or a major restructuring of your planning processes, take advantage of our best practices. Companies call us when they want to:

  • Define a new strategic planning process
  • Improve effectiveness and transparency of planning processes
  • Incorporate uncertainty into planning and strategy
  • Increase the credibility of planning data

Corporate Strategy Analysis & Advisory Consulting

Do you want to understand the true capability of your portfolio, take a long hard look at options for sustainability and growth,or build stronger executive alignment around the strategic plan?  We have worked with super-majors, NOC’s and independents of all sizes to:

  • Develop or refine strategy
  • Evaluate the portfolio of projects and allocate capital
  • Manage uncertainty and downside exposure
  • Evaluate mergers and acquisitions

Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures

Our consultants will help your teams evaluate the appropriate balance of acquisitions and organic growth.

We will work with you to quickly assess the impact of potential acquisitions and divestitures on the consolidated strategic plan, and assess the complexity of multiple deals, timing variability, market risks, and potential variability in asset performance.

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