Ensure You Can Hit The
Productions Dates You Promised

Operations teams require visibility and control of activity schedules to meet production and capital targets. With activity levels increasing, it’s becoming more and more difficult to design an efficient schedule that accurately incorporates criteria including permitting, lease access, seasonal restrictions, resource availability, proximity restrictions, continuous drilling obligations and more.

The Aucerna Execute - Operational Scheduling Module will equip operators with one comprehensive schedule to visualize current activity, track well status, easily make updates and stay certain of production schedules and estimates.

Operational Scheduling
Capabilities & Benefits

Central Scheduling

Automatically build rig and drilling schedules in one central schedule

Daily Readiness Tracking

Track daily well readiness to drill and overall status

Progress Monitoring

Monitor progress of permits, regulatory steps, well licenses and site restrictions

Drag and Drop Functionality

Make quick drag-n-drop updates to drill order or duration, or directly to schedule in the Gantt Chart. See effect of daily schedule changes on dependent activities. Leverage one schedule shared with operations, asset planners and corporate teams.

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