A platform for evaluating decisions related to energy strategy development, portfolio management, capital allocation, and M&A. Optimize portfolios and gain insights into performance potential.

PlanningSpace™ is a next generation, cloud based planning platform for the upstream oil and gas industry. It is an integrated platform that handles connected planning from well level to corporate portfolio.

esi.manage™ is integrated business planning and economics software that provides companies with a single trusted source for accurate and transparent planning data.

PetroVR is a full cycle asset exploration and development simulation system for the modern energy industry. It enables petroleum engineers and planners to understand risks and rewards.

enersight™ by Aucerna is the most comprehensive and complete field development modeling system available in the industry today. It equips asset planners to rigorously model and evaluate development options to reach asset goals.

Val Nav™ is a fully integrated decline curve analysis, petroleum economics, and reserves management software. It is a scalable and complete reserves estimation and evaluation system with a unique auto-forecasting algorithm and a powerful economics engine.

The industries only completely web-based, all-in-one capital management & tracking software.

Aucerna Reserves, powered by petroLook™, is a fit for purpose corporate reserves management system for operators with complex operations and reserves management workflows.

We have developed a comprehensive library of global fiscal regimes to explain and clarify the terms of over 100 countries. Each fiscal guide contains a fiscal summary table and detailed sections.

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