A platform for evaluating decisions related to energy strategy development, portfolio management, capital allocation, and M&A. Optimize portfolios and gain insights into performance potential.

PlanningSpace™ is a next generation, cloud based planning platform for the upstream oil and gas industry. It is an integrated platform that handles connected planning from well level to corporate portfolio.

esi.manage™ is integrated business planning and economics software that provides companies with a single trusted source for accurate and transparent planning data.

PetroVR is a full cycle asset exploration and development simulation system for the modern energy industry. It enables petroleum engineers and planners to understand risks and rewards.

enersight™ by Aucerna is the most comprehensive and complete field development modeling system available in the industry today. It equips asset planners to rigorously model and evaluate development options to reach asset goals.

Val Nav™ is a fully integrated decline curve analysis, petroleum economics, and reserves management software. It is a scalable and complete reserves estimation and evaluation system with a unique auto-forecasting algorithm and a powerful economics engine.

The industries only completely web-based, all-in-one capital management & tracking software.

Aucerna Reserves, powered by petroLook™, is a fit for purpose corporate reserves management system for operators with complex operations and reserves management workflows.

We have developed a comprehensive library of global fiscal regimes to explain and clarify the terms of over 100 countries. Each fiscal guide contains a fiscal summary table and detailed sections.

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“esi.manage™ allows Cinch operations and finance staff to jointly generate budgets, track results, generate management reports and compare budget scenarios to prioritize Exploration and Development operations.”

Ron Peschke ( Engineering Manager, Cinch Energy Corp. )
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“Aucerna brought a knowledgeable team for the program deployment, and with esi.manage™ being so out-of-the-box, we were building our projects within a few hours.”

Bronco Energy ( V.P. Engineering, Bronco Energy )
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"We optimized one of our major regions on value within the context of the entire company in 15 minutes and added $900 MM to the value of the plan…this has changed the way we look at capital allocation."

Head of Exploration Planning ( Oil and Gas Company )
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“Your experience and knowledge of the industry provides huge value…your capability to think broadly, willingness to discuss and push back. Biggest value is from strategic thinking to look at what we need to question, and the pathways to take.”

Head of Strategy and Portfolio ( Oil and Gas Company )
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"The most valuable thing we gain from the whole exercise is insight from sensitivity analysis. We change parameters and re-run; that all happens quickly; and we gain insight from how items move in space and time."

Manager, Global Exploration Planning & Portfolio ( Oil and Gas Company )
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"We needed to understand what made sense in terms of driving growth in production vs. generating attractive returns. We know there is no one single answer. Now we understand the capacity and capability of our portfolio."

Director of Strategic Planning ( Oil and Gas Company )
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"We use Aucerna Portfolio to see the optimal way for us to run our company. We’ve incorporated this into our process at the executive level."

VP Planning ( Oil and Gas Company )
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“esi.manage™ has given us transparency into our budget data that we never had before. Our various departments and our executive have all the information they require to be more efficient and make better decisions.”

Graeme Bloy ( V.P. Exploitation, West Energy )
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“Our quarterly reserves reconciliation went from over 2 weeks to under 4 hours”

Reserves Manager ( Major Independant E&P Company )
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“Very intuitive application. It’s readily apparent what the users are doing and how the changes were made”

Reserves Stakeholder ( Leading Global Resources Co. )
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"We heavily use the uncertainty analysis. We want to know what our portfolio can deliver with a certain level of confidence."

Exploration Manager ( Oil and Gas Company )
Canoro Resources logo aucerna testimonials

"The visual interface of enersight allows you to model a complex development or exploration project and understand the value contributions at all levels of the project. You can send an enersight project to your boss, and have them intuitively understand the value, without pages of notes explaining your approach. You could never achieve that with a spreadsheet like application."

Roger Sakatch ( Engineering Manager, Canoro Resources Ltd. )
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"We’ve been able to use Enersight to develop, tweak, and sensitize many different development scenarios throughout our plays. We’re projecting out future development and are able to forecast and more accurately predict gas and water volumes. Our cycle time has dropped dramatically and what once took a week before can now be done in a few hours."

Chris Bell ( Reservoir Planning Engineer, Seneca Resources )
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"I like the decline performance capabilities, especially on resource plays. It’s much more efficient for updating wells and profiles, especially when you have a multi-segment performance profile."

Shila Stronsmoe ( P.Eng., Senior Development & Operations Engineer, Central Global Resources )
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"Value Navigator is one of our preferred tools of choice for engineering, evaluation and reserves work. We appreciate that Val Nav is developed from an engineering perspective, and we particularly like how it handles type curves."

Harry Helwerda ( P.Eng., FEC, FGC (Hon), President & Director, Sproule )
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"The response to AFE Navigator at SemCAMS has been very positive. Since implementing it last year, we’ve seen fewer errors caused by manual use and are very happy with its ease of use. The peace of mind I get from being able to trace where an AFE is at is immeasurable."

Jane Baker ( Joint Interest Analyst, SemCAMS ULC )
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"The move to AFE Navigator led to a redesigned and much improved AFE process at SM Energy."

Manager of Technical Systems ( SM Energy )
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"After examining our AFE situation and the pain it was causing, I knew it was time for an upgrade. With my prior experience with AFE Navigator, I knew it was the best option available, and once implemented, the improvement was dramatic. Our process is now much more transparent, we’re able to plan better, and things are getting approved faster than before."

Mitch Huitema ( VP Finance, Novus Energy Inc. )
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"We successfully completed our EIA report obligations today. Thank you all for your support. Jennifer did a great job guiding me through the process and was very accommodating."

Aucerna Reserves Client ( U.S. Independent )
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"Our quarterly reserves reconciliation went from over 2 weeks to under 4 hours."

Aucerna Reserves Client ( Major Independent E&P Company )
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"We were able to use an already familiar template, allowing for a worldwide roll–out of Aucerna Reserves with little to no impact to existing regional workflows and no new training requirements."

Aucerna Reserves Client ( U.S. Independent )
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"Charts that used to take me hours to make in Excel, I can now make in seconds."

Aucerna Reserves Client ( Mid-Size E&P Company )
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Aucerna Execute provides a niche solution unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, and I have been looking for years. I wouldn’t want to work somewhere that didn’t have it because it brings the company together “singing from the same song sheet”. Once established and set up it literally “runs itself” and requires minimal maintenance throughout the year… similar to an underground sprinkler system. And similar to underground sprinkler systems, once you’ve used one you can’t imagine returning to the old way of doing things”

Exploitation Manager ( Oil and Gas Company )
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"The move to AFE Navigator led to a redesigned and much improved AFE process at SM Energy."

Manager of Technical Systems ( SM Energy )
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"After examining our AFE situation and the pain it was causing, I knew it was time for an upgrade. With my prior experience with AFE Navigator, I knew it was the best option available, and once implemented, the improvement was dramatic. Our process is now much more transparent, we’re able to plan better, and things are getting approved faster than before."

Mitch Huitema ( VP Finance, Novus Energy Inc. )
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“The conference was well organized and had a good flow of presentations related to upstream planning with relevant use case examples.”

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"Great industry participation. Enjoyed the perspectives & presentations."

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"Thank you for holding this free event for the industry. I learned a lot about the methods of other companies, best practices, and technology to help us advance."

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"There are so few opportunities for Corporate & Business Planners to get together, share experiences, and learn a thing or 2 about their craft so this conference fills a big void."

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"We loved the format of the conference this year. If we knew it was going to be more of an industry conference we would have encouraged other executives from our company to attend."

Tundra oil gas logo aucerna testimonial

"By using the workflow feature within Generwell to manage our drilling workflow, Tundra has greatly improved the efficiency of our drilling process by eliminating the many spreadsheets used by each department to drill a well."

Andrew Whitehead ( Tundra Oil and Gas )
crescent point energy logo aucerna testimonials

"The Generwell application is helpful for me in doing my monthly capital analysis, as having all of the relevant locations and dates in one place allows me to efficiently and accurately analyze capital spending types."

Shawn Whitten ( Crescent Point Energy )
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"Anyone can easily go into Generwell to find out the development status of any well and access relevant information and documentation. It emails people when they have tasks to do and helps identify bottlenecks, making it great for process management."

Jim Faulkner ( Jupiter Resources )
velvet energy logo aucerna testimonials

“Velvet has been extremely pleased with implementing Aucerna’s Enersight software. Now within Enersight, after the base model was built, we can run multiple scenarios in a fraction of the time they would have previously taken. For our teams, it means, improved communication, tighter cycle times and ultimately a more robust analysis.”

Lee Marchuk, Manager, Corporate Planning, ( Velvet Energy Ltd. )
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“Val NavTM is my tool of choice when it comes to well performance assessment and asset valuation. In a business development role I need to be able to assess opportunities fast and collaborate with other subsurface professionals. Val Nav allows me to do this. Besides delivering the tools I need today, Aucerna’s commitment to R&D means that Aucerna staff are at the forefront of innovation which ultimately leads to regular enhancements in the capabilities of the program.”

MBA Petroleum Engineer, Business & Commercial

“esi.manage™ eases the evaluation of investment scenarios, thanks to its ability to model the inter-dependency between Activities, Capex and Production. The seamless link between esi.manage and Peep allows for fast project economic evaluation. During budget execution, the automated two-way integration between our ERP and esi.manage enables the seamless transfer of complete budgets, and the retrieval of monthly actuals, both with just a few clicks. esi.manage allows us to measure the impact on Capex and Production caused by operational daily changes in rig schedules, and lets us spot deviations from the budget in time to make corrective decisions.Data trace-ability within esi.manage enables us to compare real vs plan at project closure, identify the sources of deviation, and then further refine the forecast of new upcoming projects."

Natyuliz Lazarde ( Sr. Planner, Alianza Casabe )
Aucerna Reserves Software

"Most recently we did a large project on an acquisition that had been historically influenced by issues we were not really able to quantify. What we did with PetroVR is capture those issues and quantify the effects in terms of scheduling and costs."

Team Lead ( Major Oil Company )
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“Value Navigator provides a platform that is a leap frog ahead in terms of software technology. It allows us to align practices and workflows internally, and to better coordinate planning processes and stakeholder engagement as we grow further into Unconventional Resource development.”

Reservoir Engineering Manager ( Paramount Resources )

“We have access to two to five times more information now. We have fundamental insights into two critical areas: establishing an amount that should be paid for the merger or acquisition and an understanding of how the asset would blend with the company.”

Head of Strategy ( Large E&P Company )
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Aucerna has given us a much more detailed view of our business than we’ve ever had before. It’s flexibility allows us to manage and categorize our inventory in a variety of ways, quickly creating multiple scenarios for review. Its intuitive interface has been easily grasped by our team and has greatly simplified our budgeting and planning process”

Ryan Sullivan ( Manager, Capital Control and Portfolio at Harvest Operations Corp. )
Aucerna Global Customers

“We have access to two to five times more information now. We have fundamental insights into two critical areas – establishing an amount that should be paid for the merger or acquisition and an understanding of how the asset would blend with the company.”

VP Strategic Planning ( Mid-Size E&P Company )
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“enersight software provides us with the capability to verify the condition and potential of our projects at a more granular level, giving us confidence that our results are defendable, accurate and up to date. With a system that incorporates all of the interdependencies from the field to the wellhead, we are able to directly model the impacting variables for proper analysis and better predict the limitations and range of possible results. The cloud-based system allows for our globally interspersed teams to effortlessly maintain a unified outlook. The visual interface is intuitive, displaying results that are relevant for both our planners and executives. We now have transparency and visibility into our operations like never before, allowing us to validate information from our partners, and maintain confidence in our forecasts.”

Japan Petroleum Exploration Co
Portfolio Commercial Analysts ( Major oil company )

Compared to a simplistic program, PetroVR allows me to put in a logic so that when the planning model is reworked because a volume estimate or cost parameter changes, I can revive it quickly. My manager find it very helpful that I can re-run a model in less than 24 hours rather than days.

conocophillips conoco phillips logo

“Aucerna has significantly changed the way we characterize and plan our portfolio of development opportunities. For the asset teams, their solution enables a more robust modeling of a wider variety and more complex investment cases, quicker than we could before, freeing up more time for analysis and optimization. At the leadership level, Aucerna is quickly becoming the “go to” platform for portfolio management. By bringing together all of our investment opportunities into a single live system, it has enabled evergreen scenario planning and sensitivity analysis that is so critical in today’s dynamic business environment.”

Jason Chew ( Supervisor of Planning and Budgeting, ConocoPhillips )
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“We are very impressed with the flexibility and ease of use of esi.manage™. As a result of using esi.manage, we are better able to utilize the time allocated to our projects."

Cameron P. Six, P.Eng. ( Senior Vice President & Director, Unconventional, Sproule )
consol energy logo

“We use enersight because we do not want to spend our time putting out fires and reacting to unforeseen circumstances. We want to be able to make deliberate and carefully measured decisions.”

Chris Miller ( VP of Strategic Planning, CONSOL Energy )
murphy oil corporation logo

“We had a number of systems that didn’t talk to each one another. If you wanted to know how a project was doing, you had to pull data from many different sources. We needed something that could manage a project from initial conception to project realization. Overall, the system does what was promised. I have recommended it to others.”

Cal Buchanan ( Manager of Planning and Information Systems, Murphy Oil Canada )
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“The ability to model different scenarios and to effectively and efficiently monitor results makes esi.manage™ the exact tool we need to run our business.”

James Jackson ( V.P. Exploitation and Planning )
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“I have been using esi.manage™ for almost 3 years. super user friendly tool. as planning engineer i can get all what I need very easily in one shot. used it for 1- long and short term forecast for rig activities, CAPEX & fluids (produced and injected). 2- projects ranking based on metrics i created. 3- do simple econimic analysis 4- OPEX modeling is in progress”

Mohamed Al-Zakwani ( Sub-Surafece Planning Advisor at Tatweer Petroleum Co. )
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“The Improved visibility and increased efficiency esi.manage™ offers will allow us to iterate and analyze more often allowing internal resources to be redirected and focused on adding more value to our company.”

Lilia Provenzano ( Planning Manager, OGX )
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“I used esi.manage™ to implement the Portfolio Planning & Ranking Project at Origin Energy. The system is user friendly and effective as an oil & gas planning system can be but, just as importantly, 3esi delivered on every promise made and engaged in open and honest communications all the way through a successful implementation.”

Chris Thompson ( General Manager - Cooper Basin at Strike Energy Limited )
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“enersight allows program economics to be easily run on realistic drilling schedules. We use enersight on a weekly basis to assess in just hours questions like what’s the impact of operations updates on production and capital, what’s the impact of rig changes, and the impact of partner non-consents?”

Ian Foley ( Planning Engineer, Newfield Exploration )
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“We have worked with Aucerna over the past 6 years to help manage our portfolio of operated and non-operated offshore fields. In that time, we have found 3esi to be responsive to our requirements, and the software to be robust and reliable. Building up the database of actual expenditures and production has helped us to improve our forecasting as well as track KPI’s. The system has allowed us to interface with other corporate software in a flexible and efficient way.”

Paul Jeffs ( Head of Production and Operations at RWE Dea UK Ltd. )