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Planning Best Practices

The Industry Best Practices for Planning

  • by Aucerna

The Industry is Evolving Quickly

The energy industry is in the midst of a critical transformation. Technology has disrupted our traditional ways of doing business, with promises of increased productivity, safer operations and cost savings. Many organizations are trying to understand their own transformation journey, as they look to build resilience, and stay competitive.

The digital evolution is just beginning:

70% of oil and gas companies are in the early stages of digital maturity


40% anticipate major changes to their business activities


65% expect to increase investment in digitalization

As an energy company decision maker, you have important questions to answer as you begin your own digital journey. How do you compare to your peers? Are you getting left behind? What processes, solutions and workflow should you invest in to kickstart your own transformation?
Aucerna’s Best Practices Project aims to shed light on these questions. Started in 2019, its’ goal is to understand the benchmarks and best practices employed today by evolved planning organizations. The project will ultimately help energy operators improve their planning efficiency, accuracy, and make better decisions that drive long term value for stakeholders.


Take part and see how you compare

You can take part in this exciting project, and in doing so, start to identify how your organization compares to your peers, while evaluating your own adherence to best practices. Whether you’re already a digital trailblazer or have yet to start your transformation, your participation will help to paint a clear of your company’s inner workings. Are your departments communicating effectively? Are they aware of each other’s goals and achievements? Do they have the data they need to answer the big management questions?


Take our Benchmark Survey

The Best Practices Benchmark Survey was designed to deliver the insights you need. Your answers will become part of our overall industry benchmarks, completely aligned with Aucerna’s proven best practices for efficient planning. When finished, you will have the opportunity to receive your own benchmark comparison against the best practices used by leading operators around the globe.

All information gathered through the survey is secure, confidential, and will not be shared individually with anyone outside of your organization. To help paint a more complete picture, you can also ask others in your organization to take part.



The survey will take 15-20 minutes to complete, and is structured into Three sections:

In the first section, we’ll collect information about your role and your company. This lets us compare you with your peers to customize the best data for your needs, and present you with questions most relevant to your work experience.

Next we’ll ask questions covering universal best practice themes, regardless of your planning role. The theme is always clearly displayed above each question, so you understand the purpose and context of each question. To help paint a more complete picture, you can also ask others in your organization to take part.

Finally you’ll be guided through a customized set of questions based on the workflows you chose in section 1: Business Planning, Asset Planning, Reserves Management or Strategic Planning.


What happens next?

Once the survey results have been processed, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Receive the first publication of the benchmark study
  • Receive your own customized benchmark comparison
  • Take part in a consultative exploration of your organizations results, and identify opportunities for improvement based on proven, established best practices.



Why is Aucerna sponsoring this project?

As the energy industry’s leading provider of solutions for integrated planning, execution and reserves, Aucerna has worked with thousands of operators, of all shapes and sizes, to develop modern planning workflows leveraging innovative technology. We have the expertise, and now want to help you understand where you stand. The survey results will help you determine your individual business needs, while contributing to the overall advancement of our industry.

Take the Survey Now!

Confidentiality statement

The purpose of the Benchmark Survey is to curate data from companies across the globe and create benchmarks to be shared with the industry. The survey results are housed in a secure, password protected environment. All information provided in the survey is strictly confidential and will not be shared outside of your organization.