Insights from an inaugural survey of upstream planning practices

What is the perception of an organization’s current planning process? What are the various components of an organization’s planning activities, and where is the major effort allocated? What behaviors (intended and unintended) play into an organization’s planning process?

To answer these questions, Aucerna and KPMG have put together a full packed report to help guide and inspire you. It’s packed with original data, industry-leading analysis, use cases and actionable takeaways from industry experts. You’ll find out:

  • The current state of oil and gas planning. Planning’s potential is tested, and the strong universal belief in its overall importance to the organization. However, most operators have yet to turn the planning discipline into a competitive advantage.
  • Diagnosing the effectiveness gap. Five spotted obstacles to change that help explain why the effectiveness gap exists, and why improvement is such a challenge.
  • Adopting a dynamic operating model. How executives that clearly define objectives for their planning function and align their operating models accordingly are better able to lead their organizations and deliver differentiated performance.
  • Assessment of your planning process. Understanding where problems exist (or don’t), and which problems are most severe.
  • Case Study. The power of the cloud and a window into the future of E&P planning.

Download the free report to have a better understanding on how to level up your planning process, maximize untapped opportunities and leap over your competition.

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