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Cloud Energy Software

Cloud Energy Software

Connect decision-ready data from operations to the boardroom across the entire upstream value-chain.

Connect data and workflows across your entire organization.

The Aucerna Cloud Energy Software suite is a living, upstream planning, execution, and reserves system that combines best-of-breed, cloud-ready software solutions with proven optimized workflows to create an evergreen, decision-ready view of your organizations’ performance potential.


Connected Software

Empower every team member with integrated technology and up to date, evergreen data. The Aucerna software suite is completely connected, giving your teams access to real time decision-making data while reducing cycles, eliminating duplicate effort, and increasing decision efficiency through an always available, always reliable, single source of truth.


Collaborative, Intelligent Technology

Harness innovation and ideation across your entire organization.

Aucerna connects every person and every workflow, regardless of location, with evergreen data and connected, optimized workflows. Our technology combines BI, analytics and optimization into a modern decision engine, built on top of Aucerna’s unparalleled industry expertise.

Corporate Planning

PlanningSpace is a next generation, cloud planning platform that empowers teams to paint a complete picture of the future, across your entire enterprise.

Asset Planning

AssetSpace is the intelligent E&P planning technology providing a collaborative environment for multidisciplinary teams to share access to asset development plans.

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