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Asset Planning

Asset Planning

Make timely and informed decisions at every stage of asset development

Intelligent asset development planning technology

From long term life of field plans to efficient in year execution, Aucerna Asset Planning Solutions are a fully connected ecosystem of fit-for-purpose tools, designed by engineers, for engineers, to solve complex asset development problems.

It features industry-proven tools for integrated asset planning, exploration, development, and operational execution.

The Aucerna ecosystem provides your teams with accurate data and streamlined workflows to help maximize the potential value of your assets, and realize that value through collaborative in-year execution.



Integrated and defensible asset development plans

Aucerna Asset Planning solutions feature cutting-edge asset development software, with powerful simulation and optimization tools that enable decision-makers to produce achievable development plans for any play type, and then rapidly adapt those plans as market and field realities change.


Manage capital spending and optimize in year execution

Aucerna’s Asset Planning solution combines capital management and operational planning into a single system for budgeting, forecasting, capital tracking, AFE management, operational scheduling and readiness. It helps operators align teams, eliminate data errors, and share critical information with key stakeholders, exactly when they need it, leading to increased capital spending visibility and reducing the erosion of value caused by disconnected teams and disparate data.


Asset planning technology connecting every person and every workflow with evergreen data for optimized workflows.

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