Process Review

Improving Exploration Performance

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The Challenge

Our client was a global, integrated exploration and production company. The head of Global Exploration-Portfolio commissioned us to conduct a process review. We were also asked to provide recommendations that would address the challenges they were experiencing in maintaining and improving exploration performance, and in streamlining the process of evaluating exploration opportunities.

The Solution

Our consultants held a series of working sessions with the technical teams within in each business unit, along with the exploration manager and the leader of the business unit. We then developed a report and reviewed it with each business unit, highlighting strengths and weaknesses of

  • The portfolio for the business unit
  • The prospect generation process and the review process
  • The tools available to support these processes

The Result

After analyzing the challenges facing the company, we provided recommendations to the Vice President of Global Exploration. Our work enabled the client to directly address several significant issues. We provided specific recommendations for streamlining the opportunity evaluation process. We also gave them a way to strengthen the lookback process. Our findings helped them refocus their process for technical review and quality control, and addressed the critical enhancements needed for the internally developed technical tools they used for prospect evaluation.

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Download this Case Study