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What I Learned as an M&A Evaluator

In this free Ebook, you will find a few shortcuts that Randy Freeborn, Principal Industry Advisor at Aucerna, learned over 12 years as an M&A evaluator for a large US-based E&P company that grew through acquisitions. Randy will also include his thoughts on forecasting and constructing type wells.

Every evaluation is unique, but there are some common themes. Because of the low probability of closing a deal, you should first focus your effort toward terminating the evaluation early. There are many shortcuts that may be taken early in the evaluation, but make sure the shortcuts will not lead to a false conclusion. Bill Haskett reports that “fully two-thirds of the contribution to uncertainty of a typical gas shale play’s NPV is production profile” (SPE ATCE 2010, 135208). Spend an appropriate amount of time ensuring forecasts and type wells are correct.

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