Val Nav Fast, Accurate Auto-forecasting

Watch the Webinar: Better Evaluations in Less Time

Too much time and money are spent forecasting production to the detriment of analysis and execution. We estimate that more than eighty percent of evaluation time is allocated to obtaining forecasts.

But a forecast is only useful if it is right. Forecasting has evolved in terms of incorporating flow regimes, understanding how completions can impact long-term performance and knowing how to construct and use a type well to avoid intolerable errors common to old technology.

Modern reserves and evaluation software are now designed to complete your evaluations faster, with less man time. Also, modern software companies undertake their own research to keep you ahead of the competition.

In the latest Aucerna webinar, SPE Distinguished Lecturer Randy Freeborn discussed how enlightened engineers are running more powerful and more accurate evaluations….in less time. He demonstrated functionality to create and adjust forecasts in mere seconds and he discussed appropriate methods for constructing type wells. Also, you will see Randy cover other functionality to streamline your work.