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Val Nav 2020 Release Announcement

Val Nav 2020 Release Announcement

Manage your reserves in a single integrated tool.

Val Nav™ 2020 lets your teams evaluate and reconcile their full portfolio of reserves and resources in a single integrated tool. Having a complete look at every well lets you confidently make decisions that affect your bottom line, even as market conditions change.

Reserves Managers can customize reserves categories to support exciting new workflows, whether that is doing evaluations under SEC-style categorization or using automated reconciliations to support full PRMS resource classifications. Planning groups can adopt alternate models for formulating asset plans, capturing alternative forecasts, or viewing snapshots of AFE cases for lookbacks.

Keep Reading for Val Nav 2020 Highlights:

Custom Reserves Categories

The ability to customize the reserves categories in Val Nav 2020 opens up new workflow enhancements – and not only for reserves. Your teams can expand their forecast repository, carry alternative planning outcomes, or model recurring work overs. Thereby creating greater flexibility and limitless options.


Type Well Normalization

Reservoir Engineers can use normalized type wells to enlarge their set of analog wells by scaling production to different completion parameters, thus yielding more-reliable type well forecasts.


Ratio Auto-Fits

Reservoir Engineers enjoy an improved assisted forecasting workflow for secondary products, for faster and more accurate evaluations.


Secure Working Plan

The new ability to secure the Working plan allows planning and reserves groups to share  a database securely with confidence.


Commingled Groups

Reservoir engineers can now experience improved workflows for modeling commingled production, including aggregation of capital and scheduling new commingled completions.


Command-Line Spreadsheet Import

Coordinators and Administrators alike can simplify and automate new classes of data integrations leveraging the existing robust spreadsheet import capabilities of Val Nav.


Plus More

Val Nav 2020 includes many other exciting enhancements. Be sure to log in to the customer portal to get the latest version and experience all of Val Nav 2020. If you have any questions, reach out to us by email at any time.

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