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Calgary, Alberta — October 25, 2010

Aucerna (formerly 3esi) is pleased to announce that Sproule Associates Limited has selected esi.manage™ as their preferred software solution for their unconventional Oil & Gas development studies.

Over the past 3 months, Sproule has successfully developed and delivered two major SAGD development studies to their customers by using esi.manage™ for Heavy Oil planning and optimization.

“We are very impressed with the flexibility and ease of use of esi.manage™. As a result of using esi.manage™ we are better able to utilize the time allocated to our projects. This allows us to create and analyze more
scenarios and optimize all of the development plans we present. Because of this, we have decided to standardize on esi.manage™ for all of our unconventional Oil & Gas development studies.” Says Donald W. Woods,
Manager, for Unconventional at Sproule.

“Sproule is a well known leader in consulting for the Oil and Gas industry and we are very pleased to see that they have immediately seen the value of using esi.manage™ for unconventional resource planning and we are
proud that they chose esi.manage™ as their preferred solution”, said Wayne Sim, CEO at 3esi.

About Aucerna (formerly 3esi)

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About Sproule

Sproule Associates Limited is a petroleum consulting firm that provides evaluations of Oil and Gas reserves
worldwide. For more information, please visit