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Shell Selects PetroVR for Unconventional Hydrocarbons

Shell Selects PetroVR for Unconventional Hydrocarbons


The technology required to develop the world’s unconventional hydrocarbon assets encompasses a protracted value chain that tends to exceed the complexity of conventional opportunities. Planning the development of unconventional resources, while incorporating an expanded value chain and emerging technologies, presents several challenges. The inherent limitations in conventional software planning tools and related workflow processes led Shell engineers to explore new tools and workflow approaches to business opportunity planning. In developing a business simulation software tool, a key question was whether to produce the tool internally or to purchase it commercially. To be effective, either choice required pilot testing of the new tool while adapting the team’s planning process and workflow. This entailed managing the change process with leadership support, training and education. A final challenge was to evolve from old to new tools and processes gradually while adopting the new unconventional business simulation tool.

“The team considered developing software in-house, but elected to acquire and modify a commercially available product for trial use. The PetroVR Toolsuite was selected to provide the above capabilities, including integration of cost and schedule, and support of rules-based modeling.”


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Author: Ken Blott, Tony Schroeder of Shell, Donald Zmick of Aucerna (formerly Caesar Systems)

Source: World Oil

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