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Training for Risk Management and Quality Decisions in Upstream E&P Projects

Enhance risk management for upstream petroleum projects in your organization with these training opportunities

PetroVR Project Fundamentals

A two-day hands-on course.

Step by step hands-on building of PetroVR project models with comparative scenarios, based on a sample business case, includes familiarity with project framing and risk analysis. Find available training dates and to learn more in the customer portal.


Customers can access self-study guides available in our customer portal.

The exercises are downloadable zip files that include PDFs and PetroVR project files.

PetroVR Accelerate To Production Workshop for Teams

Prepares a team to accelerate project simulation and conclude with defensible decision models. Includes hands-on building of a PetroVR model and introduction to concepts for proper framing and stochastic analysis.

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PetroVR is backed by a veteran executive coaching team at Aucerna

Today’s E&P business environment demands greater predictability in making business investment decisions. Coaching support in conjunction with using PetroVR software for risk analysis in petroleum exploration helps identify business issues and avoid misdirected emphasis early in project life-cycles.


Encompass all issues that can impact risk and opportunity.


Build "decision models" that include all relevant uncertainties.


Integrative modeling permits more time to explore strategy and create insight.

Coaching Success Story

Recently, PetroVR Coaches worked directly with a client on an unconventional EOR project where the development planning team was confronted by uncertainties in scaling up a large number field patterns into a “risked-future forecast” combined with an existing production curve.

Coaches from PetroVR worked side-by-side on a simulation model that encompassed wells, facilities, schedule, economics and risk. Together, coaches and development team reached an understanding how to deliver on corporate production, CapEx and timing goals. Previously unquantified decision trade-offs were realized for much greater confidence. And the model was delivered within two weeks, a time period far less than expected for a complex analysis of that magnitude.