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PetroVR 2020 Release Announcement

PetroVR 2020 Release Announcement

Simple Workflows Deliver Faster Scenarios

Your teams are asked to deliver scenario based analysis on a regular basis. Our software helps them do this by simplifying workflows while helping them analyze the best possible course of action. PetroVR 2020 includes improved asset to corporate planning integrations, workflows enhancements and more.

Connecting often siloed teams has never been easier with expanded integrations between PetroVR and PlanningSpace. Now your asset and corporate teams can work together using the same data reliably to ensure coordinated decisions are being made. Experience PetroVR 2020 today by logging into the client portal.

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Updates for PetroVR 2020


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PetroVR 2020 Highlights

1. PlanningSpace Integration

New PlanningSpace integration enables greater synergies between Asset and Corporate planning teams. The improved interoperability and connectivity in PetroVR 2020 connects your teams further by giving them enhanced capabilities to seamlessly publish from PetroVR to PlanningSpace Dataflow. As well as have greater control of inputs and outputs when using shared economic models with PlanningSpace Economics.

Sharing data between Asset and Corporate planning teams reliably is made easy by utilizing the latest approved details and undertaking detailed economic analysis workflows. A wizard guides the configuration to provide ease of use and ensure repeatability, including mapping of the object’s end location within the Dataflow Hierarchy to remove any manual manipulations and now including Well Groups, rather than just Facilities, Reservoirs or Wells.

In addition to just sharing data, Asset and Corporate teams can also share their calculation processes by utilizing the economic model from PlanningSpace Economics to assets their model inside PetroVR. Improvements to this interface include being able to input the working interest and return by partner their attributed results as well as improved support inflation with both real and nominal cost inputs now supported.


2. Modelling Flexibility – Nested Scenarios & Memory Management Improvements

Asset teams modelling many potential engineering project options at once typically have shared infrastructure and are modeled as one project in PetroVR. Often times these models will be built up using scenarios to differentiate between projects and decisions – our new Nested Scenario option allows for multi-level hierarchies of scenarios to now be created, whereby a child scenario inherits the changes of its parent, rather than from the base scenario. This smart inheritance of details between the nested scenarios greatly accelerates input update processes whilst improved Incremental Reporting and Graphs enables level by level comparison between scenarios for faster and clearer understanding of the impact of each decision. Finally to support the greater numbers of scenarios we envisage you creating using these features, we have updated how we manage the memory in use to the currently adjusted scenarios only, enabling you to model to your heart’s content. These elements combine to ensure that alternative options are compared on the same basis, speeding up the generation and analysis of different cases.


3. Stronger Well Intervention Support

Teams can combine different intervention programs as part of the Well Maintenance System. This enables combinations of cyclic and single interventions. For example, fracking can be modeled as one time initial intervention, and this intervention can be followed by a cyclic program of a 23 day maintenance operation every 2 years in PetroVR 2020. Customers upgrading from previous versions will be able to remove an extra transformation pre-process step of their input data.


4. Well and Facility CapEx Array Inputs

PetroVR 2020 allows you to import an asset’s CapEx as an array of values per period which may now overlap with production. With this latest update feature, your teams can focus their time on the specific development questions being asked rather than manipulating inputs to match the capital results from an alternative tool at a higher granularity level.


5. Bulk Editing of PetroVR Plan Variables

It’s the simple things that matter. PetroVR 2020 holistically looked at the software experience and made editing quicker and much easier. You can now bulk edit input variables and perform multiple copy and paste operations for greater visibility into input values and bulk editing to eliminate burdensome data management tasks in complex models.


6. New User Table Creation Interface

For those heavy PetroVR enthusiasts who build many custom tables to host different attribute configurations for their assets – we’ve made something just for you. Individually defined tables can now be resized and configured with contextual menu options. You can create and delete rows and columns, and change units by right clicking the table rather than accessing a special Property Window.


7. Better Licence Management

Simplicity is a cornerstone of PetroVR 2020 and it is echoed in license management. Administrators can now easily switch between the traditional Flex Licenses to the new Aucerna license scheme, without being forced to edit files outside of PetroVR. As PetroVR customers gradually adopt the new Aucerna license scheme we want to ensure a straightforward transition by keeping things simple.


8. Hundreds of Enhancements

We’ve made 200 improvements in fact. Among which include speed improvements in Monte Carlo runs and Monte Carlo Cluster creation, enhancements in FML calculation speed, Val Nav imports, Rig scheduling algorithms, and Depreciation.

Too many enhancements to list them all

We’ve made over 130 of them in fact for this release to make your experience better. Check out the latest version to access them all. If you have any questions, reach out to us by email at any time.

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