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3esi-Enersight Acquires Palantir Solutions & Announces New Name

3esi-Enersight Acquires Palantir Solutions & Announces New Name

3esi-Enersight and Palantir Solutions Join Forces.

We are excited to announce that 3esi-Enersight has acquired Palantir Solutions, combining the solutions and expertise of the industry’s top two solution providers to form the new market leader – Aucerna.


The Digital Transformation of E&P Planning

The energy industry is in the midst of a digital transformation.

The scale and complexity of operations are increasing and, more than ever, decisions are being driven by margin. As executive focus shifts towards maximizing returns, over maximizing production, the need for operational and capital efficiency is becoming more important than ever.

The digital transformation of the energy industry means evolving paper, spreadsheet and email based workflows, that today control billions of dollars, into integrated workflows that maximize decision making efficiency, reduce errors and re-work, and ultimately deliver maximized value to shareholders.

It has long been a shared vision of 3esi-Enersight and Palantir solutions to evolve the way our customers maximize value by delivering a unified platform for integrated planning, operations, and reserves.  A platform that will help drive the digital transformation taking place across our industry.

As one company we will now focus our combined resources to deliver this transformation faster and more efficiently.

Aucerna – One trusted partner for a global industry

Aucerna is our new company, but our vision and mission remain the same.  Together we will deliver tremendous advantages for our customers across the industry.

We will focus our combined research and development investment towards maintaining our existing market-leading suite of integrated solutions, improving integration across our products and on exploring new innovations that will improve the daily lives of our customers. Aucerna will also partner with other industry stakeholders, across technology, consulting, and education, with a goal of working together to advance our industry as a whole.

Our integrated solutions will allow Aucerna customers to spend less time, effort and money on integrating data and workflows, and more time on value-added analysis and decision making. The result will be more informed decisions and improved capital efficiency.

Aucerna possesses unmatched industry expertise and experience. A broad base of local support around the globe will give our customers the on the ground service and expertise they need throughout every region of their business.

Quotes from Aucerna

Today’s energy companies are facing an operating environment with more risk and more complexity than ever before. Margins are shrinking, and yet the scale and complexity of our customer’s business continues to grow. This is the new norm for our industry, and it is driving the need for both capital and operational efficiency. This environment represents a golden opportunity for operators to evolve from labor-intensive, spreadsheet, paper and email-based systems to integrated technologies that free up time to focus on delivering value for investors.  Aucerna will accelerate this evolution by increasing the pace of innovation and providing our customers with faster time to value”.

Wayne Sim, CEO, Aucerna

By joining forces as Aucerna, we are now uniquely positioned as the only company who can offer a complete solution for every aspect of planning, operations and reserves. We can deliver these solutions with tight integration to form a seamless connection of people and information from the reservoir to the boardroom, and that’s what sets us apart”.

Jason Ambrose, Co-founder, Managing Director of Palantir Solutions

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