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Integrated Planning for a Dynamic E&P Industry

Integrated Planning for a Dynamic E&P Industry

Insights from the Inaugural Upstream Planning Survey

Significant forces have reshaped the upstream sector, exposing the limitations of traditional planning practices. Business practices should have evolved along with the digital change the industry has experienced, but how far have they come, really?

KPMG and Aucerna combined their respective experience in strategy consulting and planning and reserve solutions to develop an upstream planning survey that sheds light on some of these questions and more.

View the full infographic to learn what North America’s largest E&P businesses see as challenges facing the energy industry.

Learn how to turn your planning function into a competitive advantage. Aucerna and KPMG have put together a full packed report to help guide and inspire you. It’s packed with original data, industry-leading analysis, use cases and actionable takeaways from industry experts.

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