A Type Well Profile (TWP) is a rate-time production profile that is intended to represent the expected average profile from new or existing wells in an area of interest having similar drilling and completion design and reservoir characteristics. Most often the TWP is the simple average of similar existing well profiles in the area of interest; however, the rate-time profile may come from another source such as a machine learning algorithm, parametric analysis, rate transient analysis or reservoir simulation. When the supply of similar wells is small, source wells may be drawn from other analogous areas.

A TWP may be expressed in a normalized rate-time fashion to extend its utility. An example is where the profile created is the rate per 1000 meters of completed well length.

Prior to averaging, source well profiles may be adjusted to more closely match the intended drilling design. The averaging process may be modified using Monte Carlo simulation to represent a specified cumulative probability of occurrence or the stochastic aggregation of multiple wells.

A TWP may also include secondary products expressed as a rate-time profile or as a rate ratio of the secondary product to the primary.