A Project is a discrete piece of business that can be described in the most general case with input resources and output results.  Input resources are usually one or more of: capital, expenditures operating expenditures and/or human resources.  Output results may include one or more of: production or injection streams, operating cost increase or decrease, other revenue streams, capital gain or loss, risk mitigation, reserves progression, EH&S outcomes, technical knowledge. A finite collection of Projects, when aggregated, will describe an organization’s forecast operating capex, opex, revenue, burdens and hence operating cashflow. Typical examples of Projects are: development of a well, a single reservoir, or a small field an incremental development in a producing field workover or recompletion of an existing well or wells the integrated development of a field or several fields together with the associated processing facilities a developed field is also considered to be a project G&G activities such as seismic Facilities expenditures for the processing of equity or non-owned production Technical studies or R&D Health, Safety or Environmental management oriented activities Ideally, a Project should be 73269 Single-class (aka Class-clean)Proposed for Adoption.  Should an investment opportunity contain more than one Resource Class or Sub-Class, it should be broken into separate Projects.