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Calgary, Alberta - August 11th, 2010

Aucerna (formerly 3esi) and Pandell Technology Corporation are proud to announce that they have partnered to deliver the integration of esi.manage™ and AFENexus™. This integration was steered by mutual Canadian Oil and Gas customers to streamline the Capital Management processes of planning, tracking, and lookbacks.

Keeping capital spend under the board approved budget is a challenging task for many organizations. Establishing a solid connectivity between a budget item, all of it’s AFEs and the current forecast of capital required for the work is difficult. The potential consequences of being ‘surprised’ by capital spend drives organizations to dedicate many long hours of process and reconciliation work to make the worlds meet.

The integration of esi.manage™ with AFENexus™ will allow customers to:

  • request the creation of AFE’s directly from an esi.manage™ approved budget
  • automatically pass the required project and capital expenditure data to AFENexus™
  • automatically link the AFE number created in AFENexus™ to the esi.manage™ project expenditure
  • test the AFE amount against the budgeted amount before it is raised

As a result, Oil & Gas organizations that implement this combined solution can easily:

  • control their capital spend against board approved budgets
  • provide transparency into the capital spend with a real-time view of capital commitments
  • improve administrative efficiency, reducing errors, data validation, and data re-entry

“Aucerna (formerly 3esi) believes that Oil & Gas companies gain large increases in the efficiency of their work
processes by integrating key applications. esi.manage™ was designed with this in mind
and includes the latest integration technology to facilitate real-time sharing of data between key applications. Integration with AFENexus™ is just one example of this integration capability,” said Wayne Sim, CEO of Aucerna.

About Aucerna (formerly 3esi)

Aucerna is a global source of technology and expertise for the energy industry, with nearly 400 employees in 12 global offices. We proudly serve the industry’s largest base of customers, from super-majors and emerging operators to energy investors, consultants and educational institutions. Aucerna solutions are deployed in every region of the globe, helping companies make better investment decisions by connecting the people and the data of the modern energy industry.

About Pandell

Pandell Technology Corporation is a software solutions company that delivers industry specialized software products and business services. For Oil and Gas companies, Pandell offers its NexusSuite™ of Oil & Gas software products and its NexusWorkforce™, Oil & Gas accounting services. For more information, please visit www.pandell.com.