About the Enersight Webinar Series

Make the best decisions at every stage of asset development

Join us for a series of technical webinars demonstrating how best to use Enersight for asset development planning. We’ll cover a variety of topics with something for users of all skill levels. Themes will range from advanced scenario analysis workflows, economics modeling, to common support questions. Each month we will be holding 2 webinars on specific use cases presented by Aucerna’s experts.

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Asset Planning Scenario Analysis: Scheduling Scenarios

Presented by: Hunter Strimple, Solutions Consultant, Aucerna

Join this webinar to review best practices for generating scheduling scenarios.  Learn how to build script scenarios to model resource changes and scheduling assumptions adjustments in order to build a range of possible outcomes for your results.  Review practices for maintaining the well list for more dynamic results as assumptions change and possible options for scheduling tasks to help model field development strategies.

Topics covered in this webinar will include:

  • Scripting resources
  • Resource availability
  • Facility production targets
  • Scheduling tasks to model development strategies
  • Well list management best practices

North America & Europe:

Webinar Complete

Thursday, July 9th, 2020

9:30 AM CDT | 8:30 AM MDT | 3:30 PM CET

Asset Planning Economics: Single Well Analysis

Presented by: Andres Caycedo, Solutions Consultant, Aucerna

Join this webinar to learn how to set up the single well economic scenarios, how to adjust the drilling program for ranking, to evaluate the impacts of this new workflow to prioritize the best wells of your field development plan and which reports are the best to analyze the data from the calculations. Also, understand what is happening when the wells are shut-in and the well level vs scenario/field level economic setups to have a better understanding of your model to make the best decisions.

Topics covered in this webinar will include:

  • How to set up single well economics
  • How to adjust drilling program for ranking
  • Which reports to use
  • What happens when wells are shut in
  • Well level vs scenario/field level economic set ups

North America & Europe:

Thursday, July 23, 2020.

9:30 AM CDT | 8:30 AM MDT | 3:30 PM CET

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Presenter Bios

Hunter Strimple 400x400 px

Hunter Strimple

Solutions Consultant

About the Presenter:

Hunter is an experienced Solutions Consultant who has delivered consulting services, data modeling, training, and product technical support to clients. He has worked with a wide variety of companies on conventional and unconventional field development planning projects. Utilizing his technical expertise and knowledge of the upstream planning process, Hunter has helped streamline planning workflows with an emphasis on client satisfaction. Hunter holds a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering from Colorado School of Mines.

Andres Caycedo 400x400 px

Andres Caycedo

Solutions Consultant

About the Presenter:

Andres Caycedo is a Solutions Consultant providing customers support to design and implement software-supported business processes for asset development planning and strategic asset analyst. Andres has a Bachelor of Petroleum Engineer from Fundación Universidad de América in Bogotá and a postgraduate degree in Hydrocarbon Management from Universidad Industrial de Santander in Colombia. He is based in Bogota, Colombia, and has experience implementing our solutions in Argentina, Trinidad and Tobago, Bahrain and Colombia.

What to expect in the Enersight Series?

These webinars will be executed 1-2 times every month and we will be covering a variety of topics with something for users of all skill levels.

Upcoming Topics

  1. User Data and Custom Functions
  2. Production Goal Seeking and Capital Constraints
  3. Production Downtime, Constraints, and Pipeline Modeling
  4. Asset Planning Help Resources: Improve Your Experience by Leveraging Our Portal
  5. Asset Planning Help Resources: Review Common Challenges Solved by Our Support Desk
  6. Asset Planning Advanced Capabilities: Custom Reporting
  7. Asset Planning Help Resources: Understanding Enersight Settings Hierarchy
  8. Asset Planning Help Resources: Understanding Curtailment Logic

What's coming up next in Aucerna Connects?

Aucerna Connects will run monthly webinars, often multiple times a month on a variety of days, and in a variety of time zones to support our global industry. You can find a list of all webinars, past, and future by clicking on the link.