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Enersight 2.14 Release Announcement

Enersight 2.14 Release Announcement

First Class Integrations. Are Just The Beginning.

When your teams use our software the experience is second to none, just like the integrations we’ve introduced in Enersight 2.14. The latest Enersight release connects your asset teams with your organization’s corporate teams and directly into your corporate plan with a new integration to PlanningSpace. Improved asset to corporate workflows means your teams will now receive data directly for quicker scenario analysis and reliable decision making. Breaking down silos and bringing multi disciplinary teams across the organization together no matter where they are.

Watch Product Manager, Mark D’Arcy, give an overview of what’s to come in Enersight 2.14 below:

This latest release packs a lot, keep reading to find out more.

Dataflow Integration

File-less sharing including aggregation, normalization and mapping between Enersight and PlanningSpace reduces error prone data entry from multiple sources and versioning between teams. Increase accuracy and build trust between teams by giving one version of truth to work from.

New Network Solver

Introducing an optional new solver that is faster, easier to interpret and better documented. The new network solver removes the need for a global solve option as we have managed to reduce or in some cases entirely remove the non-linear elements of the solving process – this brings significant performance improvement whilst also removing uncertainty about having correct settings from your analysis process to give you confidence in your models.

Water Recycle Workflow Enhancements

If water is a problem in your region especially where there is high frac intensity or SAGD projects this new feature helps with water management at your asset. Now you can solve water recycle problems with less iterations (or without entirely). Saving you time and effort in managing large scale water issues via new sophisticated dynamic interactions between production and schedule elements.

Well List Data Management Improvements

If your well list is getting out of control with too many columns of overrides and inputs to manage, we have heard you by expanding our step definitions and new functions to enable a simplified approach.

Consolidation Link Improvements

As assets rapidly evolve your teams can now support larger models and segmented field development with pre-calculated scenarios.

Val Nav Fiscal Model Engine Support for Facility Calculations

Enhanced capability to forecast your customized royalty and burden outcomes with the embedded Val Nav Fiscal Regime capability now supporting evaluation at facilities.

Head to Enersight to begin experiencing the latest updates by checking the box to try the new version. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Client Care any time.

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