Val Nav delivers 100% satisfaction to Cuda with reliability, ease of use and innovative, time saving features.

Cuda Oil and Gas Inc. is a North American exploration company operating in Alberta and Wyoming. They’re engaged in the business of exploring for, developing and producing oil and natural gas, and acquiring oil and natural gas properties across North America. Cuda will continue to implement its proven strategy of exploring, acquiring, and exploiting with a long-term focus on large, light oil resource based assets across North America including significant operational experience in the United States.


Cuda was struggling with timely access to their reserves data, which
was hindering their ability to build robust and accurate capital plans
that were aligned with the forecasts generated by their petroleum
reservoir consultants.

The ability to access, analyze and manipulate their reserves data would result in better communication with investors. This would help ensure that their operations were well-funded and that the company was maximizing shareholder value. They were also seeking a way to simplify and streamline price forecasting, a task that had become quite onerous across Canadian and U.S. currencies.


Cuda needed a solution that was reliable, trusted, and powerful. It would need to produce data that was aligned with their partners, and it would need to reduce the time they were wasting on currency conversions when adding wells. Cuda chose Val Nav by Aucerna, an integrated forecasting  economics and reserves management platform that was recommended by their reserves evaluation partner.

"Val Nav makes my life easy. I can easily switch
between currencies and my risk of errors is significantly
reduced. I can build and manipulate my capital and
financial plans with ease and the reporting tools are
fantastic.” - Chad Gutor, VP Engineering, CUDA

Val Nav is the energy industry’s most complete engineering and reserves solution, trusted by more operators, and consultants, than any other software. Chad Gutor, Cuda’s VP of Engineering, had used Val Nav previously, and fully believed in the software’s ability to deliver on Cuda’s needs.

By leveraging Val Nav, Cuda would be able to communicate through their data rooms with a higher level of granularity and spin out month by month well reports with ease. They could also export their data to Excel™, the method preferred by their reserves evaluator for manipulating data.




Reporting and Plan Development – Cuda is seeing value with Val Nav’s ability to quickly generate numerous capital plan scenarios across multiple jurisdictions. Now Cuda can generate multiple scenarios with reliability, speed and ease. Cuda is seeing major improvements in quality control, and confidence in their data, which saves time that was previously wasted having to check, and double check their data.

Currency Conversion - Cuda can now move easily between currencies, generate reports, and build data rooms with con idence. Val Nav allows them to create evaluations that span multiple jurisdictions and communicate their plans with a high level of detail.