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Aucerna Receives SOC 1 and 2 Compliance Certification

Aucerna Receives SOC 1 and 2 Compliance Certification

Your Data Is Just As Important To Us
As It Is to You

Today, we are pleased to let you know we have successfully completed Service Organization Controls (SOC) 1 for Enersight and PlanningSpace. Additionally, we successfully completed SOC 2 audit certifications for Enersight, PlanningSpace, Aucerna Portfolio and Aucerna Execute.


Your data is a BIG deal.

Companies who rely on cloud-based products to run their business need to be confident that their data is being handled securely. As a partner to your business, we are committed to keeping your data secure.


Carl Fedak, VP of Application Delivery says, “It’s critical we provide assurances to our clients. Having both certifications allows for greater transparency and gives confidence to our customers in knowing their data is handled appropriately.  We strongly believe in beating industry standards for security, IT policies and procedures, confidentiality, process integrity, privacy and availability, for our clients.”


More than a stamp of approval.

Our SOC 1 and 2 certifications represent an internationally recognized auditing standard developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Obtaining both certifications provides a panoramic view of our organizations processes. To receive these certifications, Aucerna required a third party to verify that we have enough internal controls that govern how we operate. To review our operating procedures, we retained international business advisory firm Marcum LLP for its reputation as a leader in SOC reporting and IT advisory solutions.


More About SOC 1

Obtaining our SOC 1 certification lets you know that we have appropriate controls for maintaining your organization’s confidence in our internal structure. Specifically control structures relating to financial reporting risks.


More About Soc 2

Our SOC 2 certification lets you know that our controls and processes involved in storing, handling, and transmitting your data securely, are being followed on an ongoing year over year basis. Your data is one of your most vital assets and we want to ensure you that we respect that sensitivity.


The successful certifications of SOC 1 and SOC 2 illustrate our ongoing commitment to create and maintain the most stringent controls for the protection and security of our customer’s confidential information. To learn more about SOC 1 and 2 certifications click here.

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