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6 Ways to Unlock Value with Aucerna Portfolio

Uncovering hidden gems in your portfolio

Join us for a series of webinars demonstrating the use of Aucerna Portfolio to enhance your enterprise’s value generation and risk management capabilities. We will cover a variety of topics that will illustrate methods to uncover hidden sources of value and risk management in your portfolio. Each month we will hold a webinar on specific use cases presented by Aucerna’s experts.


You want how much?

Assess the Real Value of A&D Opportunities

Presented by: Jeff Morgheim, Industry Consultant, Aucerna

Join the webinar to learn how you can gain further insights into the value of your enterprise’s acquisition and divestment (A&D) opportunities when you consider how identified A&D opportunities fit inside your medium to long-term goals.  We will discuss how you can use portfolio techniques to bolster your negotiating position.  We will also discuss how a portfolio approach can help you craft divestment opportunities and to aid your hunt for acquisitions.

Topics covered will include:

  • Evaluating A&D opportunities using a portfolio approach
  • Improving your negotiating position with a portfolio perspective
  • Using portfolio to craft better divestment packages
  • Using portfolio to aid your hunt for new assets

Coming to you in two time zones:

North America & Europe:

Webinar Complete

Tuesday, September 8th, 2020.

8:30 AM MDT | 9:30 AM CDT | 3:30 PM CET

Asia Pacific:

Webinar Complete

Wednesday, September 9th, 2020.

11:00 AM AEST | 9:00 AM SGT

Jeff Morgheim profile photo team headshot aucerna

Jeff Morgheim

Industry Consultant, Team Lead, Business Planning

About the Presenter:

Jeff Morgheim is an Aucerna Industry Consultant based in Houston.  Jeff is a financial executive with 30 years of experience in delivering complex economic, risk, and option valuations for oil and gas companies, as well as supporting oil and gas operations. Executive teams have relied on him to establish corporate-wide processes including portfolio, planning, enterprise resource planning, and enterprise risk management systems. Jeff has stood and led these processes at large independents and international oil and gas companies in the US Onshore, Gulf of Mexico, UK North Sea, and Russia. He is a seasoned negotiator, both in traditional settings for business development, but also in crisis situations, as he demonstrated during the Deepwater Horizon incident, leading BP’s negotiations with a multitude of stakeholders across the Gulf States.  Jeff is a graduate of The Johns Hopkins University with dual degrees in Economics and Russian.

What to expect in the Aucerna Portfolio Series?

These webinars will be executed on the first Tuesday of every month starting in August. There will be 6 topics in total. In this Portfolio Series, you will learn how to use Aucerna Portfolio to see the true value of your assets and A&D opportunities.  You will also learn how to unlock value by creating optionality, a key tool for both increasing value for your enterprise, and managing risks.

Upcoming Topics

  • Capital Holding You Back? Maybe it’s Constraints – The Value of Removing Constraints
  • Options? Yes, Please! – The Value of Creating Options
  • The View from the Top is the Same – The Value of Creating Multiple Pathways
  • What is Our Response? – How to Develop a Response Plan Before an Event Occurs

What's coming up next in Aucerna Connects?

Aucerna Connects will run monthly webinars, often multiple times a month on a variety of days, and in a variety of time zones to support our global industry. You can find a list of all webinars, past, and future by clicking on the link.