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Aucerna Execute 2020 Release Announcement

Aucerna Execute 2020 Release Announcement

Automate Your Entire Well-Delivery Process

Well related activity is complex enough, let alone keeping track of all of the moving pieces. New for Aucerna Execute is Advanced Task-Based Workflows to bring your entire well lifecycle into clear focus. The reimagined workflow ensures the right people are doing the right work, at the right time by automating the entire well-delivery process. Watch the video below to learn more:


This latest release packs a lot!


Enhancements for Aucerna Execute 2020


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Effortlessly streamline everything

Take control of your entire Well Delivery process with Aucerna Execute 2020. In this release, we introduce new modules to track Well and Site-level information, and their associated Jobs. The new Well and Site lists within Aucerna Execute give a secure home for your corporate inventory. Aucerna Execute’s flexible permissions system and rigorous auditing provide you with control and trust of your data. Leverage the new Advanced Workflow capabilities to automate your Well/Site data collection and management. Automated workflows, reduced overhead, and centralized data all help to remove risk and improve visibility into your process.

Automate custom calculations at the source

Define calculated fields throughout Aucerna Execute. Using a simple Excel™ – formula style syntax, calculated fields can be built to model custom KPIs or metrics, and improve reporting. This new capability eliminates the need to manually perform calculations in Excel or BI tools.


Administrators can now define custom data validation rules that apply to new records (helping ensure that valid data is captured initially), and historical records (helping identify historical data that needs to be fixed).

In addition, administrators now have complete control over the permissions surrounding each data element with the new ability to build their own custom data edit permissions.



Lock it down with SharePoint integration

Aucerna Execute has superb document management capabilities for handling supporting information attached to records within the software. This release introduces the ability to integrate directly with SharePoint as an alternative to its out-of-the-box document management capabilities. This functionality is there to support organizations whose policies mandate that documents are stored in the corporate SharePoint document repository.


Tell the complete story with Val Nav Integration

For companies that manage their long-term budget and corporate plan in Val Nav™, this release introduces seamless integration. You can easily import capital projects from Val Nav and use those as the starting point for your capital budget. Each month, as projects are reforecast with the latest information from the field, updated capital and timing can be pushed back into Val Nav to update the model and verify the assumptions still hold.


Share your operational schedule easily

This release introduces some new Excel reporting capabilities making it easier than ever to run reports, and then pull the data into Excel for finessing. This includes the ability to define Excel-based report templates which eliminate the need for manually building and reformatting reports each time new data is available. The new Gantt report makes it easy to extract your operational schedule into a spreadsheet


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