SAGD CBM Plant Suncor Oil Gas
Author: Don Merritt

Aucerna (Formerly 3esi-Enersight) contributed perspective on this Accenture article and we offer it to our readers.

The article reports that, “rapid growth in unconventional fuels–ranging from shale oil and gas to coalbed methane–has dramatically increased the complexity of field development and production management.

Instead of placing a few large bets on a few wells and drilling rigs–and watching those bets very closely–operators now must deal with multiple wells, conflicting equipment priorities, and capacity limits for water and steam. They must determine which wells to drill and when to drill them. They must coordinate rig and crew counts while balancing the requirements imposed by lease restrictions and capital constraints.

Low oil prices leave operators with very little margin for error. As they seek to balance production volumes against changing prices, US operators looking for an edge can benefit from the experience of their Australian counterparts, who have dealt with complex coalbed methane (CBM) operations in Queensland for years.”

Read the full Accenture article in the current issue of the Unconventional Oil & Gas Report.