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CALGARY, June 24, 2015 – Aucerna (Formerly 3esi-Enersight) asset development software was recognized as a finalist at the 2015 Canadian Oil and Gas Awards in the category of New Canada Oil and Gas WinnerTechnology Development of the Year. The award aims to highlight organizations that enable the market to become more efficient through technological development.

“We are honored to be recognized as a technology leader in our industry,” said Neil Buckley, Executive Vice President of Products at 3esi-Enersight. ”This is a time when the industry has to really focus on efficiently using capital, analyzing a significant number of alternative development scenarios, making sound decisions, and executing effectively. Picking the right technology enablers has become critical for exploration and production companies.”

Recognizing the need for petroleum planning to evolve beyond summing up the production and economic forecasts of a list of wells and opportunities, enersight software was developed to provide a detailed view from different angles so asset teams can make the most competitive and cost-effective decisions at every stage of asset development in a more efficient manner.

In 2015, enersight software is the industry’s most powerful asset development planning software, helping oil and gas leaders to make the most competitive and cost-effective development decisions at every stage of their business.

Award-winning development in the last year focused on: new import and integration functionality, updated risk scripting, and improved actuals versus budget versus forecast comparisons. As enersight is cloud-based, the software is continually enhanced and clients can immediately access new functionality.

At the live awards gala, the judges recognized the value that enersight brought to the oil and gas industry with comments such as,

“an asset management system that tracks the whole picture! Great trending, graphics and visual aids to get the point across. Huge data management with meaningful results.”

Another judge noted, “…This software is a powerful tool and should allow companies to optimize their projects for maximum value at minimum cost.”

Read the full comments on the Finalist Poster.

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Being acknowledged for excellence is gratifying, to say the least. However, the real honor is the opportunity to serve 400+ E&P companies, with this number continuing to grow. For more information on how Aucerna is helping your peer companies maximize the value of their assets through proper and efficient planning, check out what our customers have to say, or contact us at info@aucerna.com.

About the Oil and Gas Awards

The annual Oil and Gas Awards recognizes outstanding achievements made by upstream and midstream companies in the key areas of corporate social responsibility, environmental stewardship, health and safety, and technology. To learn more, visit: www.oilandgasawards.com