3esi has acquired Portfolio Decisions, a leading provider of strategic consulting and portfolio optimization software.


Two leaders coming together to provide the most complete solution for portfolio, planning and decision making across upstream oil and gas.

With this acquisition, 3esi now offers the most complete solution for decision making in upstream oil and gas, with integrated tools for everything from field development planning to corporate planning and strategy development.

"In our industry, there is no other company with Portfolio Decisions' depth of experience and level of expertise in the optimization of corporate portfolios and guidance on strategic decision-making. Portfolio Decisions is widely recognized as a thought leader in our space. Their expert consulting services and portfolio optimization solutions are in high demand across the globe.”

Portfolio Decisions' flagship product, Perspectives™ is the industry’s only application that provides advanced optimization and uncertainty analysis that quantifies the risk involved in key decisions. The software has been leveraged by more than 100 companies to make better decisions around complex situations such as mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures that often have numerous related risks and constraints which need to be considered as part of the broader picture.

Perspectives allows companies to optimize on any financial or operational goal, with consideration for timing, working interest, dependencies and project level constraints. Derive high level budgets and schedules from plans with ease, and share those plans across business units. The software enables customers to evaluate the benefits of opportunities versus alternative options and against important trade-offs.

Advanced Porfolio Optimization & Uncertainty Analysis

Powered by Perspectives™

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“We are extremely excited to be joining the 3esi team. Now more than ever, upstream oil and gas companies require solution providers that can not only help guide their strategic level decisions, but also provide the tools and expertise that will help them link these decisions with the planning and execution required to drive value for shareholders."

3esi Strategic Consulting Group

A world-class consulting practice, with the mission of supporting upstream decision makers through a broad spectrum of strategic and operational initiatives.

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Our consultants have helped numerous clients realize tangible benefits. Our clients know that it takes more than mathematical models and software to be successful. The 3esi Strategic Consulting Group applies structured consulting services to get at the heart of real business problems across upstream oil and gas.

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