Other Testimonials

“We use enersight because we do not want to spend our time putting out fires and reacting to unforeseen circumstances. We want to be able to make deliberate and carefully measured decisions.”

Chris Miller ( VP of Strategic Planning, CONSOL Energy )

“We are very impressed with the flexibility and ease of use of esi.manage™. As a result of using esi.manage, we are better able to utilize the time allocated to our projects."

Cameron P. Six, P.Eng. ( Senior Vice President & Director, Unconventional, Sproule )

“Aucerna has significantly changed the way we characterize and plan our portfolio of development opportunities. For the asset teams, their solution enables a more robust modeling of a wider variety and more complex investment cases, quicker than we could before, freeing up more time for analysis and optimization. At the leadership level, Aucerna is quickly becoming the “go to” platform for portfolio management. By bringing together all of our investment opportunities into a single live system, it has enabled evergreen scenario planning and sensitivity analysis that is so critical in today’s dynamic business environment.”

Jason Chew ( Supervisor of Planning and Budgeting, ConocoPhillips )
Portfolio Commercial Analysts ( Major oil company )

Compared to a simplistic program, PetroVR allows me to put in a logic so that when the planning model is reworked because a volume estimate or cost parameter changes, I can revive it quickly. My manager find it very helpful that I can re-run a model in less than 24 hours rather than days.

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