Other Testimonials

“We have worked with Aucerna over the past 6 years to help manage our portfolio of operated and non-operated offshore fields. In that time, we have found 3esi to be responsive to our requirements, and the software to be robust and reliable. Building up the database of actual expenditures and production has helped us to improve our forecasting as well as track KPI’s. The system has allowed us to interface with other corporate software in a flexible and efficient way.”

Paul Jeffs ( Head of Production and Operations at RWE Dea UK Ltd. )

“enersight allows program economics to be easily run on realistic drilling schedules. We use enersight on a weekly basis to assess in just hours questions like what’s the impact of operations updates on production and capital, what’s the impact of rig changes, and the impact of partner non-consents?”

Ian Foley ( Planning Engineer, Newfield Exploration )

“I used esi.manage™ to implement the Portfolio Planning & Ranking Project at Origin Energy. The system is user friendly and effective as an oil & gas planning system can be but, just as importantly, 3esi delivered on every promise made and engaged in open and honest communications all the way through a successful implementation.”

Chris Thompson ( General Manager - Cooper Basin at Strike Energy Limited )

“In the past, much as we took the greatest care in the analysis of prospect volumetrics and risk, we didn’t have any appropriate means by which we could check the consistency of our assessments, or the absence of bias. Aucerna Portfolio has provided Tullow with the ability to review all and any present and past predictions in the perspective of the complete portfolio, and to ensure, through continuous review and monitoring, that new, hitherto unanticipated bias does not creep into our new prospect assessments. And all of this, with a very low ongoing software housekeeping effort.”

Tullow Oil ( Global Exploration Advisor, Tullow Oil, plc. )

“The Improved visibility and increased efficiency esi.manage™ offers will allow us to iterate and analyze more often allowing internal resources to be redirected and focused on adding more value to our company.”

Lilia Provenzano ( Planning Manager, OGX )

“I have been using esi.manage™ for almost 3 years. super user friendly tool. as planning engineer i can get all what I need very easily in one shot. used it for 1- long and short term forecast for rig activities, CAPEX & fluids (produced and injected). 2- projects ranking based on metrics i created. 3- do simple econimic analysis 4- OPEX modeling is in progress”

Mohamed Al-Zakwani ( Sub-Surafece Planning Advisor at Tatweer Petroleum Co. )

“The ability to model different scenarios and to effectively and efficiently monitor results makes esi.manage™ the exact tool we need to run our business.”

James Jackson ( V.P. Exploitation and Planning )

“We had a number of systems that didn’t talk to each one another. If you wanted to know how a project was doing, you had to pull data from many different sources. We needed something that could manage a project from initial conception to project realization. Overall, the system does what was promised. I have recommended it to others.”

Cal Buchanan ( Manager of Planning and Information Systems, Murphy Oil Canada )

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